Life is hard and beautiful

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The struggle adds to the beauty. This video is not about limitations, but the divinity that can be found when joys in life are discovered. You don’t have to be Michelangelo to share your love of creating art. The passion shines through.

Nails on hold . . .

As you have probably realized by now, the Etsy store has been in vacation mode for quite some time.  I may get things started again towards the end of the summer, or this hiatus may end up being permanent.  Between work and life there just isn’t that much time to run even a small internet shop.

But that being said, I am at my computer . . . well constantly.  And I have been seriously considering turning Paint by Numbers into a blog covering topics like fashion and beauty products, and some photography (I miss my old Vox blog).  I’m definitely open to suggestions.     

New Editions

I have decided to launch some limited edition sets of mini polishes.  These polishes are being handmade bottle by bottle.  I’m adding them to the Etsy site as they are made.  If you have any requests for sold out colors, or if you would like to see one of these “sample” colors take off, this is the place to put in any requests.

Here are the latest colors, Little Pink Star No. 14 and Blue Nova No. 15.


I have been playing around with the concepts for these for quite sometime.  Although I always envisioned Little Pink Star as a lighter pink, I accidentally mixed too much pigment, and couldn’t go back to the original plan when I saw the crazy and stunning result.  They are available for purchase at the Etsy site.

Chanel Diwali

Today I wore Chanel’s Diwali, which recently became available on their website. Like all Chanel’s metallics, Diwali was more vibrant on my nails than in the bottle.


I also have Delight, which is close but more of a brown gold. I will add some pictures shortly, for comparison. Delight also has larger particles in the formula, giving almost a glitter effect. They are definitely not duplicates!

Overall Diwali is a keeper. I love how golds are neutral enough to wear with almost anything.


Rock Candy No.18

Rock Candy No.18


The pics and paint job could be better, but here she is!  This polish turned out to be much more complex than I had anticipated!  It was supposed to be a white glitter heavy sheer white, but I ended up going a little nuts with the multi-colored glitters.  The result really is breathtaking!  Also, this is one of my smoothest formulas.  I always use a fast drying topcoat, but with this polish it really wasn’t necessary.  Let me know what you all think!

Bon Nuit, Bonjour, Bon Matin!

Some of you may know that I operate an indy nail polish boutique on Etsy at  Although I have had this site for a while, the nail polish boutique is relatively new.  So far we are carrying a variety of mini polishes.  They change frequently and some formulas are already in their second iteration!

This blog will be a place to post new ideas, coupon codes, and to review and showcase some of my personal favorite polishes (by many talented indy and mainstream designers).  This is also a place to contact me and request colors, restocks, and in the future to participate in polls and giveaways!

Aside from the polish obsession, I lead a very busy life.  I am a mother, a young professional, and an athlete who competes on the National level in roller figure skating (US National Championships are right around the corner)!

Because of my busy schedule, quantities and production are limited.  But I do plan to keep the Etsy shop running, and stocked, on a regular basis.  If you have any requests for sold out colors, message me and I will see what I can do.

Thank you for checking out my new page!  For a limited time, enjoy 10% off of the entire Etsy shop with coupon code: BONJOUR.

Best Regards!