Animal Crossing New Leaf. Dream Address: 5000-2159-4025

I have been an Animal Crossing fan since Wild World. The reason that I was able to stick with this game, is that you don’t really need to do anything. Sure there is an objective, kind of . . . but you don’t have to do the activities. There is never any penalty or “game over” if you just run in circles all day long.

Tangent aside, it really is fun and relaxing, catch fish, bugs, visit your animal neighbors, design your house. . .

New Leaf has taken AC to a whole new level. Not only is there a social play element, but the design and customization options are miles above the other versions.

My favorite new features are Dream Suite, where you can go visit other towns around the world via wifi, and the QR reader that lets you share (and get) clothing designs, just by scanning a code with your 3DS camera.

I’ll be periodically posting screenshots and QR codes as Cerephine on Twitter.


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