Best of Glossybox

Hi All! I know that I’ve been a bad blogger. While I can’t guarantee a monumental change in blog-sponsibility, I can say that I’ve been inspired by the beauty blogs that I follow, to post some summer makeup and product reviews.

This post (as the title indicates) is about Glossybox favs. I have been getting Glossybox for about two years now. Some boxes are definitely better than others but, overall, it has been a good way to try a variety of products (not that I need any more makeup).

The latest box came with a total surprise standout, a face cleanser/exfoliator that has been like an answered prayer for my summer skin dilemmas. I work in an air-conditioned office where the windows don’t open. Although I have a small humidifier and utilize spray-moisturizers throughout the day, dry skin can be a problem.

Cut-to weekend. The flip-side of my summer skin woes is that we just moved to a house right next to a sandy beach. I am over the moon about this, but let me tell you, my skin has not been thanking me. SPF 50, why are you failing me?

So I am really digging this Glamglow Youthcleanse Daily Clearing Cleanser. As you can see below, It has a mud-like texture. It also has small exfoliating particles that you can’t really see too well in photos. The best part about this stuff is that it removed all of my makeup! cleansers rarely take off all of my mascara/eyeliner, but this one sure did!

The next-best product from the August Glossybox was the lip balm from Lollipops Makeup. It says that rich in anti-oxidants and made from “a Mexican plant known for its regenerative capabilities.” Hmmm, sort of mysterious, Glossybox. Anyway, I am liking this stuff so far. It is colorless and has a sweet candy flavor. I have been using it before bed or under lipstick. So far no complaints!

Other items from the August 2015 Glossybox include an eye-liner pencil with a spongy tip (okay), a mascara, and nail polish. Everything was usable. If you subscribe to Glossybox, you will certainly never have to buy black eye-liner again!

So long ’till next time,


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